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About us Farmacist.

Farmacist is an online service that makes participation in the Cannabis economy easy. From Medical Marijuana Cards to becoming a cannabis business we make the usually hard process simple. We walk you through the process and connect you with licensed doctors. We even file your application documents and make sure you continue to comply with taxes and fees. Farmacist gives you the tools to acquire and cultivate cannabis while working to make the playing field even in the Cannabis Industry.

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Having a medical cannabis card in most states and local municipalities is the only way to ensure you can handle Cannabis legally. At Farmacist we work with Doctors nationwide to make acquiring Cannabis safe, legal, and make sure you are under no legal risk.

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We don’t like using the word “cheap” but facts are facts, we are the cheapest way to acquire a Medical Marijuana Card and that’s on purpose. We are a company dedicated to making participation in the Cannabis economy, quick and easy for everyone. We want to ensure quality pervades in the cannabis industry by making cannabis accessible to everyone who needs it.

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It takes 30 Seconds to get your MMIC instantly. Answer a series of questions telling a doctor what a Medical Card would help you deal with and be done with the whole process in less than a minute. Your Medical Marijuana Card will be delivered instantly and can be added to your Apple or Google Wallet.

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The Farmacist web app confirms and protects your identity at the same time. We are fully HIPPA compliant and ensure Doctor-Patient confidentiality.

Cannabis Education Hub

As active citizens in the cannabis community, Farmacist keeps the members of our eco-system up with all the news and ongoings in the Cannabis industry. As industry leaders lobby for federal legalization legislation, states legalization and laws change, you will want to stay subscribed and stay as knowledgeable as you can be with a fast changing industry.

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10 Best Marijuana Strains for Pain Management

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8 Best Marijuana Strains for Sleep and Insomnia

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Why Do You Need A Medical Marijuana Card?

In all states where Cannabis is legal, you need a doctor’s recommendation that let you apply for the state program. The program varies by state, California’s Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program (MMICP) is optional, Nevada’s Registry ID program is needed for medical purchases, and New York’s Registry Identification Card is mandatory for full protection, but all these states have one thing in common – you have to be approved by a doctor first!

Possess Larger Quantities.

In every legalized state, medical cannabis patients are allowed to possess and purchase larger amounts than the typical recreational cannabis users. More importantly, in most states, medical cannabis is the only legal option for handling large quantities of cannabis.

Get Access at 18.

In States where recreational marijuana is legal anyone 21 and over can acquire Marijuana. Medical patients under 21 must obtain a doctor’s recommendation to legally acquire and use cannabis. Farmacist makes it possible for those 18 and over to possess, obtain and use marijuana. For recreational access you must be 21.

Pay Less Taxes.

A State like California has cultivation taxes, state and local excise taxes, and sales tax at the local municipality level. With Farmacist’ help a medical marijuana card will save you about 10% on your Cannabis! That adds up as you consume cannabis products throughout the year.

More Variety in Cannabis Products.

A Medical Marijuana card gives you access to strains with higher-concentration, exotic and rare hybrids and strains with higher THC counts and edibles that recreational users can’t legally purchase.

Get Access To More Dispensaries.

Even in states where Cannabis is legal for recreation, many local cities do not allow recreational use of Marijuana but most do allow medical cannabis. Farmacist can provide you with a medical card that will give you access to all the Bureau of Cannabis Control licensed marijuana dispensaries in your area.

Farmacist Newsletter.

I know, not another inbox clogging newsletter. The Farmacist Newsletter is a tool in the toolbox for everyone who has goals of participating in the Cannabis economy. We are going to level the playing field in the cannabis industry with knowledge and wisdom delivered right into inbox.